Tank Mixing Nozzles

A tank mixing nozzle is an efficient way to circulate fluids in closed or open tanks. Mixing nozzles can also continue to agitate the liquids after they’re combined, keeping solids suspended evenly.

Tank mixing nozzles can be educator or injection types. In eductor nozzles like the TurboMix, the initial fluid pumped into the system is combined with the tank contents within the nozzle, before being sprayed back into the tank.

As a nozzle design and manufacturing expert, BETE has developed custom tank mixing nozzles for a number of industries including agricultural and chemical processing. How can we put our innovation and experience to work for you?



  • Turbomix喷嘴系列是一种喷射器混合喷嘴。喷嘴喷嘴连接到流体线并通过喷嘴的第一孔喷射大的直线流体。泵入系统中的初始流体称为动力流体。动力流体喷射蒸汽在离开第一孔后立即喷射到大开口中。将流体进入第二较大腔室的动作使得腔室的开口围绕腔室的低压区。该低压区迫使大量的流体遵循并与动力流体混合,以最终被抛出喷嘴的末端。
  • Turbomix喷嘴最重要的设计特征是产生低压区。该区域的额外流体使喷嘴具有3-5倍的喷嘴比动力流速的排出流量为3-5倍。

The TurboMix is a mixing nozzle. This means that a large flow rate is expelled out through the end of the nozzle and thrown up to as far as 15 feet in some instances. The farther this throw, the greater the mixing. As the nozzle throws the fluid, it disrupts the fluid in the path of the spray. While this is happening, the fluid around the nozzle cycles into the nozzle via the low pressure zone. All of these things happening at once generates the mixing ability of the nozzle.


The standard operating pressure for the TurboMix depends on the material of construction. If the nozzle is made from polypropylene, then it operates best on the pressure range of10.00-50.00 psi, with the most advantageous operating pressure being in the25.00-40.00 psirange. For TurboMixes made of metal, the standard operating range widens to10.00-100.00 psi具有最佳运行范围30.00-60.00 psi.

涡轮机系列的流速在被泵送的情况下给出,这被称为动力流速。在喷嘴产生低压区并吸收更多的流体后,放电流量可以比原始动力流量大3-5倍。动力流量的流量范围是7.00-3180.00 GPM.. This large range allows the TurboMix to lend itself to a wide variety of applications.

  • 涡轮机是进气和搅拌喷嘴。使用TM对于这些应用类型的主要好处是排出流量可以比动力流量大3-5倍。这些喷嘴类型使用巧妙的设计来优化混合。
  • 它是一种有效且经济的液体循环或开放式罐中的液体。
  • 没有活动部件。
  • 它本质上是堵塞的抗性,需要最小的维护。
  • 喷嘴可用于塑料和金属结构

Our knowledgeable team can help you find the best BETE tank mixing nozzle for your mixing or agitation process. Or if you are looking for an innovative way to reduce your system’s complexity, maintenance cost, and capital outlay, talk with a member of the BETE design team for a custom nozzle solution.