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BETE USA Catalog – Spray Nozzles, Fabrications, and Systems for Industrial Applications

Bete目录 - 美国或公制单位GydF4y2Ba

These catalogs contain information on all of our stock items and include valuable engineering information. Product dimensions, spray angles patterns, and flow rates are listed. Find information about hollow cone nozzles, full cone nozzles, tank washing, spray drying, spray nozzle design, spraying system design, steel nozzle manufacturing, and air atomizing spray nozzles.


下载Bete 1218喷嘴目录GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 12.3MB)
使用公制单位下载Bete 0320英语喷嘴目录GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 22MB)

Bete Line Cards.GydF4y2Ba

BETE – in a sheet. This single-page double-sided brochure provides a detailed and concise overview of BETE's mission, products, and services. An excellent companion to our catalog and a great tool for introductions.

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BETE Custom Fabrications Line Card

Custom designs and fabrications are a BETE specialty. This full-color two-page概述描述了我们的产品和能力 - 包括注射羽毛笔,喷雾枪支,喷雾杆,歧管,倒档和线轴;我们的制造的顶级行业和应用,以及我们的资格,认证和漂亮优势的亮点。GydF4y2Ba

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BETE Spray Nozzle Maintenance Guide cover graphic


了解如何通过监控和维护最佳实践优化喷嘴性能。188金宝搏正网喷嘴是高度工程化精密组件,旨在为特定目标提供性能功能,例如冷却,涂层或清洁。喷嘴的质量可确保具有多个部件的完整喷雾系统(泵,过滤器,阀门,管道)将有效且有效地运行。不仅可以损坏,磨损,腐蚀或堵塞会影响喷嘴的性能(系统有效性) - 它还影响了喷雾系统的其他组件,可能导致能源成本增加,浪费资源和未安排的停机时间。发现Bete提供的喷雾技术支持服务,以确保您的喷雾过程以其理想的效率运行。GydF4y2Ba

下载Bete喷嘴维护指南GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 1.86MB)GydF4y2Ba

Automated Systems for Precision Spray Control Brochure

Spray the exact amount you need, precisely when you need it with the advantage of precision spray automation. BETE’s automatic spray nozzles offer a thoughtfully engineered selection of options to pair with our FlexFlow™ precision spray control panels. These systems are intuitive, accessible, and affordable – with desirable standard features included to streamline your spray automation implementation. Read about these flexible solutions for industrial coating, moistening, and lubricating applications. Save money with improved product quality and substantial reductions in waste and downtime.

下载Bete Precision Spray Control系统手册GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 3.4MB)GydF4y2Ba

Food & Beverage Processing Brochure

我们设计和制造用于精密食品加工操作的喷嘴,制造和系统188金宝搏正网 - 例如风味和食品安全应用,涂覆各种粘度的液体,以及喷雾干燥牛奶或配方。Bete工程师和制造产品,创新设备和罐洗涤,加湿,消毒,冷却,润滑等产品。我们的设计采用食品级材料,连接器和喷涂图案,适用于清洁和卫生要求。浏览普通食品和饮料加工应用组织的推荐喷涂产品。GydF4y2Ba

Download the BETE Food & Beverage Industry Brochure(PDF - 12.1MB)

设备和坦克洗涤小册子 - 美国或公制单位GydF4y2Ba


下载设备和坦克洗涤手册GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 5.5MB)GydF4y2Ba
在SI /度量测量下下载设备和罐洗涤手册GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 5.3MB)GydF4y2Ba


This brochure helps you identify nozzles that are best suited to your processing needs including gas conditioning, humidification, distribution/mixing, pollution control, and evaporative cooling.

Download the BETE Chemical Processing Brochure(PDF - 650KB)GydF4y2Ba

dur olok®小册子GydF4y2Ba

This brochure has information on DUR O LOK (DOL) pipe couplings. These couplings are lightweight, threadless, boltless coupling alternatives to heavy ANSI 150-2500 flanges. Product dimensions, ratings, and flange comparisons are listed.

Download the BETE DUR O LOK® Brochure(PDF - 900 KB)
访问Dur O Lok网站GydF4y2Ba

Fire Protection Brochure


下载Bete Fire Protection手册GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 1.4MB)GydF4y2Ba

Pollution Control Brochure

This eight page guide is indispensable to anyone involved in pollution control and the utility and cogeneration industries.

Download the BETE Pollution Control Brochure(PDF - 1.8MB)GydF4y2Ba


This guide highlights the best shower nozzles and spray heads for your pulp mill, wood room, fourdrinier, or finishing and converting plant. Featured are nozzles for use in cogeneration, odor control, and cooling ponds.

下载纸浆和造纸宣传册GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 2MB)

Steel Industry Brochure

Information for coke making, sinter plants, blast furnaces, caster mills, hot strip mills, steckel mills, plate mills, tandem mills, galvanizing or tinning line, continuous pickling, or power generation applications are included in this brochure.

下载钢铁行业手册GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 625KB)GydF4y2Ba



Bete信息请求表格GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 44 KB)

Manuals and supplemental product information:

可伸缩的飞行指令GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 3.2 MB)
BETE HydroWhirl Orbitor Manual(英文)(PDF - 662 KB)GydF4y2Ba
BETE HydroWhirl Orbitor Manual(Spanish) (PDF - 662 KB)
Bete Twist&Wast装配提示GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 182 KB)GydF4y2Ba
贝德喷雾干燥手册GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 290 KB)GydF4y2Ba
BETE FGD Technical Manual(PDF - 1 MB)GydF4y2Ba
Bete Spray Patance.GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 125 KB)
用于防火的纤维喷嘴GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 25 KB)GydF4y2Ba

Technical information:

BETE Materials by Nozzle Type(PDF - 187 KB)GydF4y2Ba
Bete配件GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 48 KB)
贝德转换和方程GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 112 KB)
Bete转换和方程 - 度量测量GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 504 KB)
BETE Spray Coverage(PDF - 154 KB)GydF4y2Ba
BETE Water Flow Data and Flow of Air(PDF - 152 KB)
Bete工程信息GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 427 KB)
BETE工程信息 - 度量测量GydF4y2Ba(PDF - 553 KB)GydF4y2Ba